Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter Grapes

There exists one divine treasure
That makes every human being
Richer than any emperor or king -
Richer even than any nation.

That is the Earth.

- Eyvind Earle -

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blonde Grizzly Star Wars Show

The Blonde Grizzly is having a Star Wars themed show
as part of the Gallery Stroll Friday, May 17th from 6-9. 
A couple of my pieces will be in the show.
If you're around, come check it out!

Blonde Grizzly
213 E 300 S

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bank Robbery...

Sex and "sexy" is ALL about the mystery.
I love Coles Phillips. Obvious, right?
I love him because of the mystery.
What is up with her arms?
Is she an amputee or is she wearing
sexy long black gloves from a bygone era?
Why are her arms positioned like they are?
And what the hell is up with the blue paint?
Is it paint?
Are they tattoos?

When I look at her, I like to think she is in
the middle of a bank robbery.
She is the perp.
In her right hand she's holding
the bag full of looted cash.
Her left arm is pointed to the sky,
holding a gun and putting two into
the ceiling while threatening everyone

But, does that explain the tears?
Why the tears?

Friday, May 3, 2013


This is the poster I did for January's SLUG LOCALIZED.

Jimmy Johns...

Here is this month's illustration for SLUG magazine.
I love working for SLUG because it introduces
me to all kinds of new people and places.
I owe a lot to SLUG and just really enjoy 
working with the people down there. 
This piece was a blast to create, from working with
Carl Acheson to interviewing the Jimmy Johns guys.
I learned a lot painting this up.

Here's the link to the illustration in the mag:

I think the designers did an awesome job with the diagram.